2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Frisco

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Project Goal

Leveraging a strong partnership between Police, Fire, Dispatch, Transportation Engineering, IT and a local school district, the City of Frisco brought a vision for Situation Awareness for Emergency Response (SAFER) into being through the in-house development of a geospatial platform. Since its initial implementation in 2009, SAFER has grown into a critical business application that utilizes real time data from nearly 30 integrated systems. These include (not limited to): 9-1-1 caller locations, RapidSOS, Vehicle and Motorola Radio GPS locations, Waze incidents and road closures, live-video feeds, Weather Conditions, Hazmat Plumes, HERE.com, building floor plans and the location of critical infrastructure.
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Business Problem Solved

First responders have countless data resources available to them to help make informed decisions during an incident, consisting of a variety of applications and endpoints. With SAFER, this information is presented in a common operating picture in a geospatial platform.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise including Geoevent Server, Geoprocessing Services, Feature Services, Vector Tile map services, Routing /Network Analyst Services, ArcGIS Maps SDK for .NET (including navigation capabilities)

Development Team Biography

Susan Olson - Assistant Director IT - Geospatial Solutions

Brian Macke - Sr. GIS Analyst
David Schuster - Sr. Software Developer
Kelly Gibson - Sr. Software Developer

GIS Team
Bob Ayensu - Enterprise GIS Manager
Meg Adaya - GIS Supervisor
Tony Contreras - Sr. Enterprise GIS Architect
Sheen Kang - Enterprise GIS Architect
Laura Stroupe - Sr. GIS Analyst
Bud Videan - GIS Data Coordinator
Chris Shuma - GIS Analyst II
Charlotte Stockard - GIS Analyst II
Dylan Woods - GIS Technician