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Kansas Water Office

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Project Goal

In Kansas, a State Water Plan Fund (SWPF) was created, and is currently used for implementing water-related programs or projects to protect and provide water resources for Kansans. Revenue for the SWPF is received from multiple user fees, funding lines, and expended for over 40 budget lines and 5 departments. This makes tracking historical spending trends cumbersome or impossible utilizing historical, static tools.

Utilizing GIS, KWO organized multiple years of SWPF budget data in a user friendly, interactive, and location based manner. As a result of this tool, the user is able to filter multiple years of budget data by various filters and locations, greatly reducing difficulties to acquire and analyze data for decisionmakers and stakeholders.

KWO also created a SWPF Hub page that lets users interact with data using interactive graphs and charts and contains links to background information and relevant statutes before diving into the information.
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Business Problem Solved

KWO has multiple stakeholder groups that need access to information at various levels of detail. The KWO needed an efficient solution that would explain and easily display the State Water Plan Fund (SWPF), which is created to implement the state water plan.

Previously, KWO used spreadsheets and narrative reports to share this data, but this did not share the SWPF information in a
meaningful and impactful way. KWO is also more efficient by not replicating multiple regional static maps. With an easy upload of data, next year’s fiscal data can be easily viewed.

Building in time-saving measures for KWO staff has also streamlined communications with stakeholders. Internal staff have found the solution incredibly helpful. When they are asked questions by residents or regional members, they now have a better understanding of the data. This helps facilitate better conversations and decision-making processes.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Insights
ArcGIS Hub
ArcGIS Pro

Development Team Biography

Katie Goff, GIS Coordinator, Kansas Water Office
Richard Rockel, Technical Services Lead, Kansas Water Office
Debra Jones, Chief Fiscal Officer, Kansas Water Office