2023 SAG Award Winners

Missouri Geological Survey and Missouri Office of Geospatial Information

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Project Goal

Missouri Geological Survey (MGS) and Office of Geospatial Information (OGI) realized a need to build a single platform to showcase MGS’s public facing applications and provide Missourians dynamic access to authoritative data about Missouri's water and mineral resources. MGS has a large repository of data to serve to the public and other stakeholders in a way that is innovative, intuitive, and fast. Since 2018 the ArcGIS online platforms have been our tool of choice to build applications that serve groups of data for certain purposes. To serve this data through multiple applications in an efficient and organized way, we employed ArcGIS Hub. It is the single gateway to access all kind of spatial information related to MGS.
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Business Problem Solved

MGS currently has over one hundred datasets and a dozen of public facing web applications. It was very difficult for the public to access different web pages and find the data or application they are looking for. It was very time consuming and challenging for OGI staff to efficiently manage the data for distribution through traditional web pages. By creating a one stop smart shop using Esri Hub technology MGS is now capable of serving data from the enterprise database to the public with no delay. Anyone with interest in MGS data now can download it in the format they choose. This MGS Hub Site also allows the organization to highlight its public facing applications. For example, anyone who is looking to learn about Missouri geology or hydrology, or to access geologic mapping can find the applications in this hub site.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Hub, StoryMaps, Web Apps, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server, Enterprise Geodatabase on SQL Server

Development Team Biography

Jerry Prewett, MGS Deputy Director
Mustafa Rahim, GIS Manager
Shawn Barbie is a GIS Specialist supporting MGS
Vicki Voigt, Geologic Mapping Team Lead at MGS