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City of San Jose

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Project Goal

San José Animal Care Center sought a management dashboard to track real-time shelter population, kennel availability, and delivery of care to animals onsite. Some information needed to build this dashboard was already being tracked in their animal case management system, but there were limited visualization capabilities with that system. Other necessary information, such as feeding, water, and cleaning logs were being tracked by pen and paper. This project aimed to provide a simple digital form for shelter staff, contractors, and volunteers to track delivery of services by room or kennel, integrate that with animal records in the case management system, and deliver a kennel management dashboard with a consolidated view of near real-time occupancy, space availability, and service delivery information. The project also delivered an integrated public-facing application that allows residents to easily search onsite animals to locate lost pets or find a pet to adopt.
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Business Problem Solved

San José Animal Care Center is the largest no-kill shelter in Northern California caring for over 15,000 pets every year. The shelter is a 40,000 square foot facility that includes 650 kennels across 60 rooms designated for certain types of care. With continuous intake and outtake, it was difficult to keep track of the shelter population at any given time and which kennels were available for use. When new animals came in, staff had to walk through the shelter to look for an open kennel. Keeping track of which animals were receiving food, water, enrichment, and exercise throughout the day also proved challenging, since care is provided by dozens of staff, contractors, and volunteers, and animals come in around the clock and move around within the shelter. Similar challenges arose reuniting residents with lost pets, as it was often necessary to walk through the entire shelter to determine if the pet was onsite.

Technology Implemented

The City of San José operates an Enterprise GIS program aimed at maximizing effectiveness of technology through shared investment in data, infrastructure, and applications, and adoption of common policies and standards. The Enterprise GIS team maintains a robust Enterprise GIS server environment for citywide use, which provided the basic infrastructure needed for this project. Solution components are hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise and built using Survey 123, Operations Dashboard, and Experience Builder. To minimize data entry burden for users, the solution also leverages a unique QR code posted on the door to each kennel room, which allows staff to scan into the room and launches a pre-populated survey tied to the room or selected kennel(s) within that room. Safe Software FME powers near real-time integration with the animal case management system, providing the link between spaces and animals that feeds the dashboard.

Development Team Biography

Jay Terrado is Deputy Director in the Department of Public Works and leads Animal Care and Services. He oversees field operations, shelter operations, and the City’s animal licensing program and conceptualized the kennel services solution. Kiska Icard is a Division Manager within Animal Care and Services and oversees shelter operations. She has been instrumental in driving adoption of the technology tools.

Harsh Gautam is a Division Manager for Technology Services and leads technology implementation across the department of Public Works. The Enterprise GIS team led by Tracy Tisbo operates out of the Department of Public Works Technology Services Division and built and deployed the solution.