2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Sarasota

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Project Goal

The goals of the program were to:
1. Save money by leveraging existing GIS capability vs paying for redundant outdated software
2. Eliminate paper workflows and transition to digital
3. Provide meaningful analytics on costs and quantity of services rendered
4. Allow internal staff and the public to easily create requests for service, and have accountability by “closing the loop” with our citizens.
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Business Problem Solved

The existing work order management system was non-existent, and was essentially a "sticky-note" system. This provided no accountability, feedback, job tracking, or analytics. In addition, the field worker timesheets were paper, and had similar shortcomings.
By digitizing this process with Workforce and integrating Survey123, we eliminated these business problems simultaneously. For the first time the City had timesheets related to work orders with real-time labor, material, and equipment costs.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Workforce, Survey123, Dashboards, and Experiences.

Development Team Biography

William Rockwell, GIS Coordinator, has been in municipal GIS for over 20 years. Allen Schmidt, Business Analyst, and was instrumental to bringing a structure and step by step understanding of City processes to build this solution.