2023 SAG Award Winners

County of Forsyth

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Project Goal

Forsyth County GIS's development of an ArcGIS Enterprise 5-year plan for technology advancement is built around the migration of key workflows from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, while focused on providing easily accessible applications to be consumed by citizens. Solution was designed to follow industry standards and best-practices for Enterprise and Data management.
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Business Problem Solved

Forsyth County sought to tackle to growing industry problem of how to seamlessly transition from ArcMap editing workflows into the ArcGIS Pro environment. The need to establish new efficiencies and workflows for road asset management led to the creation of the ESRI Roads and Highways solution implementation. Designing an enterprise system architecture that can be easily monitored for performance and predictive purposes. Finally, the GIS department created enterprise sites to provide landing pages to department specific applications.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Monitor
ArcGIS Enterprise Sites
ArcGIS Roads & Highways
ArcGIS Portal
ArcGIS Server
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS WebApp Builder
ArcGIS Experience Builder
ArcGIS Collector
ArcGIS Dashboards

Development Team Biography

John Kilgore - GIS Director
Daniel Wade - GIS DBA
Michael Bellino - GIS DBA Sr
Al Luthringer - GIS Specialist
Mary Jo Black - GIS Specialist
Patrick Perkins - GIS Analyst
Jessica Scott - GIS Analyst
Dawn Hamby - GIS Technician Sr
Matt Loggins - GIS Technician
Brandon White - GIS Technician
Michael Hoff - GIS Specialist
Saujanya Lakkaraju - Project Manager