2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Franklin and True North Geographic Technologies

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Project Goal

The primary goal for the project was to enable location tracking of emergency personnel throughout Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival by way of location data generated by Motorola portable radios and made available through Motorola’s Intelligent Middleware API. Location data is then served as a feature service using ArcGIS Server and consumed by a web map and ultimately displayed by ArcGIS Dashboard.

Business Problem Solved

The most significant business problem solved is the ability to track emergency personnel throughout the two-day event and integrate directly with the CAD system used by 911 dispatchers. Personnel are dispatched to medical events based on proximity to the event as well as by availability. Because our organization can integrate with the CAD system, personnel availability is reflected on the ArcGIS Dashboard by the changing of symbol color from green, meaning available, to red meaning currently assigned to a call. Another business problem solved by the utilization of our system is the need to acquire cell phones that would commonly be required for other location tracking methods. Instead, by using portable radios already owned by our organization, the need to procure cell phones only to be used during the event was eliminated.

Technology Implemented

Motorola APX6000 radios, Motorola Intelligent Middleware, Python, Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Dashboard

Development Team Biography

Andrew Southern – Information Systems Developer, City of Franklin, Tennessee
Mike Proctor – Communications Manager, City of Franklin, Tennessee
Daniel Donegan – Fire Information Systems Analyst, City of Franklin, Tennessee
Clay Mackey – Fire Captain, City of Franklin, Tennessee
Chris Prater – True North Geographic Technologies