2023 SAG Award Winners

Colorado Attorney Generals Office | Division of Community Engagement

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Project Goal

After announcing several historic settlements with major drug manufacturers and distributors, the Colorado Attorney General announced a groundbreaking framework for distributing more than $700 million in opioid settlement dollars throughout the state for treatment, recovery, and prevention programs. The project was designed to provide transparency into how opioid settlement funds are being used in Colorado through a publicly accessible website that tracks the distribution and allocation of funds from opioid settlements to various regions, localities, programs and initiatives across the state.

The project serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding how opioid settlement funds are being used to address the opioid crisis in Colorado. Ultimately, the project provides transparency into how the opioid settlement is helping to address the opioid crisis and to support the health and well-being of Colorado's communities.
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Business Problem Solved

The challenge we were trying to solve with the settlement dashboard was to provide a transparent site that provides the public and stakeholders with easy access to information about where settlement dollars were being distributed, how the dollars were being allocated, and the associated expenditures relating to the funding. The funding dashboard provides a solution to this problem by making information about funding more accessible and transparent. Stakeholders can easily track the sources of funding, the recipients, and the programs and initiatives that are being funded. This allows stakeholders to understand the settlement funding, impacts of the funding, and to provide feedback and input on how the settlement dollars are making a difference throughout the state.

Technology Implemented

The associated technology used for the project include ArcPro, Enterprise Portal, ArcGIS Sites, WebMap apps, and Survey 123.

Development Team Biography

With support from the Colorado Opioid Abatement Council and the Colorado Opioid Response Unit, James Sidanycz and Jennifer Busam oversaw the project, including design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the settlement site.

Jennifer Busam is a Data Analyst with the Department of Law’s Consumer Engagement and Data Services Unit. She has been creating maps and data visualizations for the State of Colorado since 2019. Jennifer began working for the Department of Law in 2022.

James Sidanycz is the Director of the Consumer Engagement and Data Services Unit at the Colorado Department of Law. James has over 20 years of experience with data and project management, finance, and technical systems. For the past 13 years, he has served the State of Colorado with the Department of Law and the Department of Public Health and Environment, where he has served in leadership roles. Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, James worked in the banking and finance industry.