2023 SAG Award Winners

IT Services, Executive Office of the Governor, State of Idaho

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Project Goal

In 2022 the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM) received funding from the Idaho Legislature to work towards getting the GIS component required for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) in place for all of Idaho. The project is managed by Idaho's Geographic Information Officer (GIO) where she is assisted by 4 full time GIS contractors and partnering with IOEM, the Idaho Public Safety Communication Commission (IPSCC), Esri and DATAMARK. Idaho has established data standards for the 5 core layers required for NG9-1-1: site structures/address points, road centerlines, emergency service boundaries, public safety answering points (PSAPs) and provisioning boundaries.
Core datasets have been collected from all PSAPs and the GIO's team is using Esri's addressing solution to standardize all data. Leveraging Esri's Enterprise Advantage Plan (EAP) has helped the GIO get off the ground quickly and DATAMARK's SaaS solution is being leveraged for QA/QC and aggregation of the data.
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Business Problem Solved

Next Generation 9-1-1 relies on GIS data for location and routing functions. Idaho as a whole will not be able to move to NG9-1-1 until high quality, aggregated GIS data and workflows are in place for the 5 core datasets relied on by NG9-1-1.

Technology Implemented

Implementation of the project has relied on a number of Esri Technologies. At the start the project team used Survey123 to collect information about the current state of core datasets in all 43 PSAPs, and Esri's Dashboard was used to communicate progress on the project to a variety of stakeholders. ArcGIS Pro, along with Esri's addressing solution with embedded attribute rules simplified processing the various datasets in established standard formats. ArcGIS Enterprise and Portal were used to store and distribute aggregated datasets.

Development Team Biography

Team at the office of the GIO:
- Wilma Robertson, Geographic Information Officer for Idaho
- Ali Scott, GIS Analyst working with PSAPs in Northern Idaho
- Tom Calton, GIS Analyst working with PSAPs in Eastern Idaho
- Paul Reyes, GIS Analyst working with PSAPs in South and Western Idaho
- Pam Bond, GIS Analyst, focusing on statewide efforts and tools, as well as assisting and supporting all other GIS Analysts
Team at Esri: Tina Miller, Jan Cunningham, Dena Cross, Michael Green, Jim McAbee, Mackenzie O'Brien, Scott Moore and Jessica Hackman
Team at IOEM: Beth English
Team at DATAMARK: Michael Anderson, Rebecca Mangin, Todd Adam, Brian MacMurdo, Jeff Murrey and Annie Cahill.