2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Missoula and County of Missoula

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Project Goal

The City of Missoula and Missoula County GIS offices have come together with the goal of building a collaborative process to co-author seamless authoritative data. The goals are to reduce duplication of data and effort, and to provide an authoritative data source that can be leveraged at both the City and County level.
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Business Problem Solved

The City of Missoula’s and Missoula County’s GIS divisions are the addressing and parcel managers for their respective jurisdictions. With the City of Missoula being a subset of the County, the creation of this data was being duplicated at both the City and County levels. The collaboration established between the two GIS divisions will solve the City’s problem of maintaining a stand-alone island of data that must be rectified against the County’s authoritative dataset; and reduce the County’s workload by leveraging City staff time to create and manage address and parcel boundaries within the city limits. Co-authoring address point and parcel datasets will also help the City to address their need for authoritative data with a primary/foreign key relationship between the spatial data and other enterprise systems within the City that often extend beyond the city limits.

Technology Implemented

The ESRI technology used includes ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and Distributed Collaboration tools.

Development Team Biography

Lee Macholz is the GIS Manager for the City of Missoula Montana. She holds a Master’s degree in Geography and GIS from the University of Montana (2004). Lee has 20 years of professional GIS experience spanning from GIS for Wildland Fire Management to public utilities to all-things GIS in local government. Lee’s areas of expertise are data design and management and building technological bridges from the staff collecting data in the field and creating data in the office to the managers and leadership making data-driven decisions.
Mike Snook is the GIS Manager for Missoula County, Montana.  He received his undergraduate degree in 2003 from the University of Montana in geography with an emphasis in GIS and has been in the GIS industry for the last 21 years primarily in a county government environment.  For the last 15 years he has been a geospatial software developer specializing in custom mapping applications for ESRI web, desktop and mobile software.