2023 SAG Award Winners

Swedish County Administrative Board (CAB)

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Project Goal

GIS and geodata are important resources frequently used in the day-to-day work at the County Administrative Boards of Sweden. The last couple of years we have focused on enabling the use of GIS to new parts of the organization. By actively working to build a platform of new web tools based on ArcGIS Enterprise Portal we have transitioned from desktop to Web GIS for assignments that are less complex. The requirements of access to large amounts of geodata led us to in-house develop a configurator to structure the inventory list in the Web GIS and a geodata search that quickly lists the interests of a case area. Applications like Field maps and Survey 123 have enabled GIS to new users working with supervision and field work. To easily manage the platform and content we have adapted licensing options and privileges to fit our typical users and producers of data and applications. Now the entire organization can access and share information through applications built to fit their needs.
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Business Problem Solved

• GIS and geodata were enabled to a larger part of the organization through a platform of new web tools
• Less complex assignments can be carried out in Web GIS instead of desktop
• The inventory list in the Web GIS was structured through an in-house development of a configurator
• A quick list of the interests of a case area was enabled through an in-house development of a geodata search service
• Field maps and Survey 123 have facilitated supervision and field work in departments that previously have been less attentive to GIS-resources
• Adapted licensing options and privileges targeted to user needs facilitates the management of our applications and flow of information and allows for the best experience to every unique user group

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise Portal
ArcGIS Server
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder/Experience Builder
ArcGIS Field Maps
ArcGIS Survey 123
ArcGIS Security Manager
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase

Development Team Biography

The work to build our platform and develop necessary strategies, policies, and manuals to manage the use has been a joint effort between our national GIS management and the IT-department as well as coordinators and user at the respective counties. The management has collected the requirements from the users and worked together with the IT-department to develop user-friendly solutions. The GIS-coordinators of the respective counties have been responsible for implementing the new tools in the day-to-day work and all users have participated in adapting to new approaches and policies.