2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

In June 2019, a French parliamentary mission warned of the risks linked to a lack of knowledge, monitoring and maintenance of small municipalities bridges and retaining walls.

On a territorial scale, a failure on a bridge with a span of just a few meters can profoundly alter access to employment, school transport, health and emergency services, culture, goods transport, farms, etc. and have serious economic, social and environmental repercussions.

This is why, the French government announced a €40 million program to help small municipalities identify their bridges and retaining walls. This program is conducted by Cerema, the French major public agency for adapting to climate change and environmental transition. It offers 11550 municipalities a free census of their structures and an initial diagnosis of those with disorders.

For this purpose, Cerema has co-created with Esri a centralized GIS allowing the collection and the valorisation of data collected.
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Business Problem Solved

The overall goal was to have a tool to centralize, capitalize, collect and preserve the data of engineering structures: geo-localized recording of structures, their characteristics and their condition.

The GIS was to ensure the coordination of the companies sent to the field, ensure technical validation of the data and edit a health record for each bridge or retaining wall. It was also to allow the exploitation of these data (visualization, export, analysis, calculation of indicators, distribution).

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Dashboard, ArcGIS Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Survey123, ArcOpole Builder, ArcGIS Pro with ArcPy scripts.

Development Team Biography

• Thomas PLANTIER, Product Manager
• Marie ARCHAMBAULT, Product Owner
• Guillaume HERAULT, Product Owner, GIS coordinator
• Sandra BENELLI, GIS Analyst

IT :
• Alain CHARLES, IT Supervisor
• Fréderic FARINA, IT Supervisor
• Marie-Neige LEBOURG, GIS Administrator,
• Sébastien FAURITE, Application architect
• Jean-Michel RANCHOUX, IT Project Manager
• Maude PREMILLIEU, IT Project Manager

The national bridge program was led by Emilie JEANNESSON-MANGE and Jeannie CREISMEAS. The work was made possible by the mobilization of Cerema's civil engineering teams.

Pascal Berteaud, Director General of Cerema and David ZAMBON, Deputy Director General are thanked for their confidence.

A special thanks is extended to the ESRI FRANCE teams for their support throughout the project.