2023 SAG Award Winners

National Railroad Passenger Corporation and National Railroad Passenger Corporation

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Project Goal

Amtrak’s Enterprise ArcGIS:
1. EGS (Esri Geospatial Database): Modernize Amtrak’s antiquated, bespoke GIS system.
2. Infrastructure Asset Map: Provide a customizable map interface for users to explore, query, and download infrastructure asset data.
3. LRS (Linear Referencing System): Create a linear referencing system for infrastructure assets, allowing measure of existing assets and plotting of new assets based on the milepost and footage or milepost decimal along Amtrak routes.
4. LiDAR Viewer Project: Deploy a three-dimensional LiDAR Viewer for users to visualize and analyze imagery including conducting as-built condition measurements and interacting with the Infrastructure Asset Map.
5. Production Planning and Reporting Apps: Track infrastructure work against planned work and facilitate adjustments to plans.
6. Infrastructure Maintenance & Construction Services Audit Apps: Collect audit data by geographic division and subdivision and visualize results.

Business Problem Solved

1. EGS (Esri Geospatial Database): Amtrak’s GIS software was not supported and updates to data were manual, taking months to process.
2. Infrastructure Asset Map: Data users were required to send requests to the GIS team for asset information and wait for paper maps or data exports.
3. LRS (Linear Referencing System): Amtrak required a way to account for the varied lengths of each railroad mile when calculating decimal distance along rail lines and the ability to plot features along any track in the track network to support work reporting, track outage reporting, and facilitate communication.
4. LiDAR Viewer Project: Amtrak lacked capability to view LiDAR data and overlay it with Amtrak’s infrastructure asset data.
5. Production Planning and Reporting Apps: Paper-based processes were used to track infrastructure work without ability to visualize or view progress over time.
6. Infrastructure Maintenance & Construction Services Audit Apps: Amtrak required an easy-to-use audit tool

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise Platform
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
ArcGIS Experience Builder
Location Referencing

Development Team Biography

Narendra Agrawal, Director IT, Sys Design & Dev
Jill Angelone, Director Industrial & Systems Engineering
Yunqin Chen, Lead Software Engineer
Emily Costello, Senior Manager Systems Engineering
Keegan Day, Lead Asset Specialist
Sean Halucha, Senior Asset Specialist
Pankaj Jamwal, Lead Asset Specialist
Andre Lennertz, Principal Systems Engineer
Matthew Monteverde, Senior Asset Specialist
Matthew Rodenberger, Lead Asset Specialist
Ken Tice, Senior Principal Software Engineer
Sean Walsh, Lead Mobile Analyst