2023 SAG Award Winners

Newfoundland Power

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Project Goal

ESRI GIS technology has provided many opportunities to eliminate manual processes through digitization and data visualization. In 2022, two initiatives were undertaken to improve service to customers and improve efficiency and safety in line operations.

a) A GIS centric Street Light Outage Reporting System was developed to improve real time GIS data collection on street light outages reported by customers via our website. The goal was to provide customers a device agnostic and intuitive interface to quickly report street light issues so that they can be actioned efficiently.

b) An electronic tailboard application was developed for field staff to perform pre-job safety checks. Using a Survey123 digital form, safety information is inputted along with an associated voice recording to ensure all identified safety risks have been mitigated. Management dashboards provide supervisors with GIS locations of work sites and accompanying pre-job safety form and voice recording.
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Business Problem Solved

Being a regulated utility, we make technology investments to enhance service to customers and improve efficiency in our operations.

a) The new Street Light Outage Reporting System allows customers to quickly locate the affected street light using a map. Customers can determine if the light has already been reported or has been switched off for other reasons. Multiple outage tickets for the same light have been eliminated, thereby eliminating unnecessary and expensive truck rolls.

b) The new electronic tailboard application provides the necessary tools for field employees to easily complete and document pre-job safety planning meetings, while streamlining the process for supervisors to review quality and compliance, and identify coaching opportunities. This initiative supports our unwavering focus on continuous improvement of safety management.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Experience Builder

Development Team Biography

Julie Pearce, Manager Operations Support, 21 years service
Dean Efford, Supervisor Application Support, 18 years service
Gary Murphy, GIS Specialist, 33 years service
Travis Butt, GIS Technologist, 7 years service
Jonathan Careen, GIS Technologist, 2 years service
Stephen Ryan, Operations Support Analyst, 23 years service
Terry Sheppard, Technology Project Lead, 4 years service
Wendy Croke, Technology Business Analyst, 5 years service
Perry Pollard, Health and Safety Advisor, 25 years service
Robert Burke, Technology Application Specialist, 35 years service
Jacob Rogers, Manager Area Operations, 6 years service
Chad Howell, Line Supervisor, 22 years service
Ashley Head, Operations Support Analyst, 8 years service