2023 SAG Award Winners

DCS Spatial Services, NSW Department of Customer Service

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Project Goal

The Live NSW Program is delivering the NSW Spatial Digital Twin (SDT), a state digital asset for digitally representing physical places in 2D, 3D, and 4D (3D plus time).
It provides foundation geospatial data for government agencies and services and federates authoritative NSW Government spatial data as a single source of truth for use by all government agencies, industry and the community.
With the rapid take up of technology and innovations including the creation of digital twins, digital engineering models, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data and environmental data, there is an increasing need to integrate all of this data to provide more holistic insights and placed based understanding.
The NSW SDT is allowing us to network and combine these different digital twins and data from across government and industry to form a 3D digital representation of an entire precinct, city, and our State.
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Business Problem Solved

The NSW SDT will considerably improve some of Government’s most strategic problems and has been identified as an essential foundation for major Government programs and services including Emergency Services, the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy, Smart Places, Climate Change and Net Zero Cities.
The Live NSW program is maximising the value of place-based intelligence and enabling Government to make smart choices about where to invest in infrastructure and services.
Industry will also be able to leverage our geospatial data and services and the community will have mobile and online access to information where it matters to them.

Technology Implemented

The NSW SDT has been built to provide users with access to the NSW Foundation Spatial Data (FSD).
The NSW SDT can also be used to provide a reference framework for any Digital Twins in NSW that can be spatially located, including infrastructure digital twins such as building information models, reticulation networks and natural features.
Access to the NSW SDT is via the NSW Spatial Collaboration Portal (NSW SCP) which uses the Esri Portal environment to provide access to NSW Government spatial data by not only deploying Spatial Services FSD 2D, 3D and 4D data sets but also by federating data catalogues across key NSW Government portal environments, like the SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) Portal.
While much of the data in the NSW SCP is discoverable and accessible via the NSW SCP, other technologies can discover and access the data via portal interfaces and API’s providing a rich ecosystem of capability. The NSW SDT Viewer is built on technologies such as TerriaJS

Development Team Biography

Narelle Underwood – Executive Director Spatial Services
Wayne Patterson – Director LIVE NSW
Angela McCauley – Program Manager
Lars Hansen – Director ICT
Adrian White – Director Spatial Operations
Gareth Carter – Director Customer & Emergency Management Services
Thomas Grinter – Director Survey Operations
Daniel Miller – Manager Business Technology Services
Phil Woodbury – Manager Spatial Data Transformation
Ajoy Saha – Principal Lead Spatial Delivery Systems
Daniel McCullock – Developer, Spatial Delivery Systems
Helen Cooney - Communications