2023 SAG Award Winners

Gammon Construction Limited

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Project Goal

The GTwin, a Smart Site Management System, is the flagship digital-twin solution that facilitates the supervision and management of site safety and operations. Gammon Construction has developed and implemented the GTwin to foster digital transformation for the construction industry, aiming at improving safety, quality, and productivity. The system has emerged to be indispensable in project management, providing the team with the single source of truth (SSOT) necessary for site monitoring and decision-making.
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Business Problem Solved

GTwin comprises multi-tier functional features from eight (8) focus areas which provide a one-stop hub for data analysis and alerts generation, dashboarding, real-time surveillance feeds with AI, logistic tracking, geospatial, as well as facilitating follow-up actions with potential hazards and abnormalities identified. It enables a real time digital representation of the project site helping on safety management, site monitoring and site administration. With the ESRI, Common Data Environment (CDE) in BIM and those interacting smart devices and internal-built applications, GTwin improves visibility and decision-making process through the enriched project information in a single source of truth platform.

Technology Implemented

GTwin leverages Esri ArcGIS Enterprise solution for implementing a web-based corporate platform, utilizing ArcGIS products including ArcGIS Experience Builder, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, ArcGIS Survey123 and Site Scan for ArcGIS.

Development Team Biography

The GTwin project was established and worked jointly by the Digital Innovation Department and Integrated Data Technologies (IDT) Department of Gammon Construction Limited.