2023 SAG Award Winners

Marine Department

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Project Goal

To be able to regulate the use of waterways and prevent encroachments, Marine Department has brought in ArcGIS technology to help with the mission. The system has been developed as a system of records of fundamental geospatial information related to waterways all over the country including very large number of aerial photos and extensive vector datasets. ArcGIS enables MD to analyze and detect changed areas. The system also provides supplemental information for officials to take into consideration on encroachment incidents and cases such as license information. This system is utilized by both officials in headquarter and 7 regional branch offices including field officers that can access via mobile app.
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Business Problem Solved

1. Analyze and detect changed areas, compare changes of the areas using orthophotos of different time periods.
2. Sync all information from mobile app from field user, web application used by officials, to dashboard used by executives.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Enterprise
- ArcGIS Desktop
- ArcGIS Image Server
- ArcGIS Portal

Development Team Biography

Marine Department has implemented 3 projects which are Survey and mapping waterway encroachment into seashores, lakes and rivers in the country Phase 1 (Year’2018), Phase 2 (Year’2020) and Phase 3 (Year’2022 – In process)