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Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung

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Project Goal

Zoning plans are drawn up by spatial planners and adopted by the municipal council. The provincial administration of Styria collects the geodata which the plans are based on and presents them on the internet. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention time and again that the paper plans adopted by the municipal council do not correspond to the geodata submitted to the provincial administration. The aim of the project is thus to match the map service published by the provincial administration on the internet to the corresponding paper plans approved by the municipal council. Legally, the web-map has to match the legal paper plan.
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Business Problem Solved

The Styrian provincial administration provides a portal where the geodata of zoning plans are uploaded. The upload of data is followed by a formal check. Correct geodata is processed into a printable zoning plan. The plans consists of complex symbols and labelling. The creation of beautiful and ready-to-use pdf plans is the real heart of the project. Not only seamless plans but also map series in form of pdf-files are produced. Therefore this portal is called “drawing machine”. The plans, the administration and the necessary correspondence (mailing), as well as the download-service of the plans are created fully automatically by the software without the help of an operator.
The municipalities are obliged by law to only adopt zoning plans that originate from this portal. Thus, the "drawing machine" has geodata that correspond to the legal status.

Technology Implemented

The uploads of the geodata are checked for formal correctness with Python 3 using the arcpy/ArGis Pro 3.0.2 library. The actual heart of the project - the creation of beautiful ready-to-submit plans as pdf files - was developed by the company VertiGIS using python arcpy/ArcGIS Pro 3.0.2 too.The mailing and downloadservice is done by python.
The plans of the municipalities are collected in the Spatial Database Engine (SDE) from ESRI based on SQL server, administrated by python/arcpy. The publication of the Web Maps is done with ArcGIS Server.

Development Team Biography

Aschauer Rudolf: Styrian provincial administration (SPA) - GIS since 1993, lectureships at the University of Rottenmann and Graz
Fecht Michael: Project Management 2003-2007, Head of Support&Services/Product Management Synergis GIS & FM Solution GmbH 2007 – 2020, Support Team Lead VertiGIS GmbH
Redik Michael: local and regional planning, civil engineering offices between 1984 – 1991, SPA 1991-2005 and since 2010, Head of City Planning Graz 2001-2010
Strommer Thomas: landscape architecture at the University of Vienna, employed in a civil engineering office for 10 years, specialist for spatial planning for the SPA.
Wagner Franz: Working for Professional Services at VertiGIS Ltd. Background in Geography/ Geoinformatics at the University of Innsbruck with a focus on remote sensing
Weissenbeck Manuela: studied spatial planning, worked as a spatial planner for a civil engineer 2004-2006, since 2006 is working for the SPA. Since 2020 head of Geoinformation of SPA