2023 SAG Award Winners

Royal BAM Group

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Project Goal

Digitalization is one of the three strategic pillars of BAM Nederland, and we're purposefully leveraging it across all stages of construction to develop and build safe, sustainable, and profitable projects. The use of GIS is a crucial aspect of this strategy.
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Business Problem Solved

Moving towards standardized solutions:
Until 2021, our GIS department primarily addressed challenges related to geospatial information and associated workflows through custom consulting solutions. However, since custom implementation requires more time and higher costs for setup and management, we developed a plan in early 2022 to move from custom solutions to a set of standard products offered via a standard GeoPortal using ArcGIS Enterprise Sites. Our users wanted to take it one step further by making the environment "self-supporting" for ordering, data updating, and license management. Additionally, we aimed to automate the billing process based on "pay-per-use" employing a three-month billing cycle.

Technology Implemented

Successful implementation:
As part of this plan, the GIS department underwent organizational adjustments to transition from a consultancy-oriented provider to a solutions-oriented provider. This included dedicating developers, support and sales personnel, and forming a Scrum Team to develop and support all solutions in an agile-based manner.
During the previous year, our GIS department has diligently worked towards the holistic implementation of these components, and the outcome has been remarkably successful. Since the launch on January 1st, 2023, we have successfully put 50 GeoPortals into production, with more requests for new ones being received and processed seamlessly through ArcGIS Survey123 and the ArcGIS Python API. Additionally, the central data environment, based on ArcGIS Enterprise, serves as the backbone of this process.

Development Team Biography

Always, everywhere, and on every device:
Our office and field teams now have access to a versatile system that allows for the consultation and update of data from our central data environment. This system is accessible to all users on any device, providing convenience and flexibility. Additionally, we are continuously improving the system's functionality and have expanded our solutions to include Climate, Environmental Management, Safety, Inspection, and Delivery.
Our users can now independently configure products, with full automation of the financial process. This enables our GIS team members to fully focus on expanding and managing the product portfolio, while we give maximum attention to the successful execution of BAM Nederland's projects.