2023 SAG Award Winners

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações

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Project Goal

ANACOM's Geospatial Platform arises from the need to create, through a single technological ecosystem, an area where the Organization's geographic contents could coexist in an integrated and accessible way. In addition, we identify synergies resulting from the access to numerous intelligent geographic solutions that allow the rapid launch of mobile GIS projects, the autonomous association of layers to web maps for internal and external viewers, the simple creation and publication of GEO services, the guaranteed interoperability with other technologies, the possibility of continuous monitoring of the health of the entire system and, of course, the superior data handling and analytical capacity supported by desktop GIS solutions.
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Business Problem Solved

At ANACOM, geographic data were in several silos, with no possibility of intersecting or overlapping georeferenced information to extract value from it to support better decision-making. Existing solutions at the ArcGIS Enterprise allowed us to respond to this problem very efficiently.
Another necessary change occurred within the organization, with a greater awareness of the value of georeferenced data. Another problem identified was the high dependence on service providers for developing tailor-made solutions when the ESRI technology has available in its technological stack.
Concerning more operational activities, it was possible to provide the teams in the field with easy solutions to work, but complete in meeting the requirements, both with Field Maps and Survey 123.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise (cloud Azure):
- Portal for ArcGIS
- ArcGIS Server
- ArcGIS DataStore
- ArcGIS Monitor
- ArcGIS Geoevent
- ArcGIS Desktop (multiple extensions)
- ArcGIS Online
- Field Maps and Survey 123

Development Team Biography

The project team consisted of:
- Project Sponsor: Luís Alexandre Correia, (Geographic Engineer)
- Project Manager: Francelina Machado
- Functional manager: Ana Isaías (Telecommunications Engineer)
- Technical Manager: Elizabete Realista (Information Technologies) and Pedro Galriça (Civil Engineer)
& Development Team from ESRI