2023 SAG Award Winners

Smithfield Foods Hog Production Division

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Project Goal

Leverage ArcGIS Enterprise and other geospatial tools to bring visibility to thousands of farm locations and support transportation optimization.

Business Problem Solved

Optimized movements of live animals, feed, and other products through our farm and support facility network. Provide a navigation package to support locating over twenty five thousand delivery points along thousands miles of private roads.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise, GeoEvent Server, Web App builder, Navigator, StreetMap Premium with Custom Roads, ArcGIS Pro, Network Analyst.

Development Team Biography

Garrett Melvin-Direct the development of GIS tools and use cases within the organization.
Jona Smith-Executive support of GIS growth.
Chris Sykes, Andy James, Dave Elkin-Support use case and tool development.
Cassidy Mason-Digitize data and support application development.
Nona Farthing-Server and Portal management.
Judy Fenton, Teri Noe, Mark Berkland-Application support.