2023 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

The team at Metronet is committed to bringing state-of-the-art telecommunication products to underserved communities by delivering services comparable or superior to those offered in larger metropolitan areas. Metronet is an industry leader as a forward-thinking telecommunications company by their system of engagement in ArcGIS. This commitment not only means better internet and telephone options for customers today, but also the capacity to continually provide additional products and services in the future as new uses for fiber networks are developed. Teams throughout the organization, as well as their contractors, use ArcGIS and 3-GIS to comprehensive solution for management and operations.
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Business Problem Solved

Historically, their teams used pen/paper and a variety of systems to run their operations across 10 cities, serving 20,000 customers. Their initial process originally took 1-2 years to identify suitable new markets, and another 3 years to build a network in identified new markets.

Technology Implemented

To achieve their mission and support rapid growth, Metronet implemented modern solutions to manage the increase in projects and customers that came with their rapid expansion.
Metronet is driving business value and efficacy through applications in their system of engagement including:
· Network Operations Center Map
o Authoritative network map for all Metronet’s service territory
o Widely accessed across the business by thousands of users
· Collaborating with sub-contractors
o Interfacing directly with network construction teams
o Crews claim work and report when complete
o Auto-invoicing of completed work speeds up the business cycle
· Network expansion monitoring
o Entire service area symbolized by network status
o The business can monitor construction progress from market down to street level
o This applications drives decision making for resource distribution across enterprise operations

Development Team Biography

Dustin Wilson - Director of Software Development and Enterprise Architecture
Bill Foucault - Sr. GIS Engineer
Trey Bowles - Data Analyst Supervisor