2023 SAG Award Winners

Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis

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Project Goal

Ibama's project consists of structuring the PAMGIA Platform for collecting, analyzing, managing and sharing environmental information in Brazil. PAMGIA was designed to meet Ibama's need for integration and centralization of spatial information produced by inspection and environmental licensing teams that operate throughout Brazil's territory and coastal zone.

With this project, it was possible to ensure that the teams have geographic intelligence data in their hands during field activities, increasing the efficiency of their actions and improving the safety and physical integrity of inspectors and environmental analysts.
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Business Problem Solved

Ibama managed to solve several business problems with the use of ArcGIS. Some examples:

• Better management of natural resources: the agency was able to be more efficient when mapping and monitoring areas of environmental preservation, identifying areas of deforestation or degradation, as well as areas where regeneration was occurring naturally. This has resulted in better management of natural resources and ensuring the preservation of important ecosystems.

• Preventing and combating forest fires: ArcGIS helped Ibama to monitor in almost real time areas susceptible to wildfires, as well as identify hot spots in areas of difficult access. With this information, Ibama was able to mobilize firefighting teams more efficiently, reducing response time and minimizing the damage caused by wildfires, in addition to increasing the safety of the teams.

Technology Implemented

The solution is based on deploying ArcGIS Enterprise at the enterprise level for managing, sharing, and publishing data and analytics. ArcGIS PRO is also used to perform robust analysis and normalization of data from various sources.
Among the tools used are:

Operations Dashboard
Field Maps
Quick Capture
Experience Builder

Development Team Biography

Nara Pantoja
Daniel Freitas
Wátila Machado
Lawrence Oliveira
Luiz Motta
Talita Freitas