2023 SAG Award Winners

Centro de Emergencia y Respuesta Inmediata Ciudad Juarez

Project Goal

The municipality of Ciudad Juárez, through the Ministry of Public Safety, establishes crime prevention as one of its pillars of action, and seeks to anticipate events, rather than waiting for them to occur.

Ciudad Juárez has economic, cultural, social and criminal particularities that define it. Therefore comprehensive geospatial analyzes are carried out, allowing a deeper understanding of criminal trends, which in turn guide the specific efforts to prevent, protect and mitigate the events that may endanger our citizens and visitors.

This strategy is established through the CERI - 911 Emergency and Immediate Response Center, which generates the systematization of data based analysis, to respond better and faster to threats that represent the greatest risk and thus improve security indicators.

We correlate and ana and analyze different sources and layers of information in a central system and use algorythms to infer areas of greater susceptibility for the occurrence of cri
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Business Problem Solved

Thanks to the implementation of a geographic information system, the CERI of the Municipality of Juárez has been able to make better use of the large amount of information to which they have access, can identify crime trends and patterns, and help police agencies to detect in a preventive way possible situations that risk the security of its citizens. This in turn results in a more efficient allocation of resources and crime solving.

This project will also allow the Emergency and Immediate Response Center to create strategies to streamline response times that allow containing, mitigating, containing, and responding to emergency situations, increasing the security of the Juarez community, as well as promoting a more transparent communication with citizens, understanding their main concerns and responding effectively to them.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Enterprise
- ArcGIS Pro & extensions
- ArcGIS GeoEvent
- ArcGIS Location Sharing

Development Team Biography

Cruz Perez, Mayor of the Municipality of Juarez
Cesar Omar Munoz, Public Safety Secretary of the Municipality of Juarez
Lucina Fierro, General Coordinator of CERI 911
Olga Veronica Hernandez, Public Safety Indicators Geopositioning Analyst
Josué Roberto García, Public Safety Indicators Geopositioning Analyst
Jesus Daniel Pérez, Public Safety Indicators Geopositioning Analyst