2023 SAG Award Winners

Ministry for Primary Industries

Project Goal

Develop a bespoke system with seamless integration and exceptional user experience to track participants carbon emission trading scheme information related to forestry land use.
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Business Problem Solved

Enabled administrative functions relating to the management of forestry carbon emission trading scheme participants and their registered land. This included being able to keep a history of the interactions between staff and participants, maintain records of the history of the forest land (including its geospatial history) as it is registered, sold, part sold, harvested etc. The solution had to be highly adaptable to ensure it kept compliant with the complex legislative and regulatory environment (including changes to that compliance that will occur over time).

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS has been tightly integrated into Salesforce Community Cloud to allow forestry emissions trading scheme participants to access their records in a geospatial manner. This makes use of the ArcGIS JavaScript API powered by ArcGIS Enterprise.
When a participant lodges a new forest land application they can use the rich spatial tools and supporting business logic to create new spatial data with real-time form and topological validation before being seamlessly handed back to Salesforce to complete their transactions.
Several other parts of the ArcGIS Platform are used to validate and monitor transactions which include (but not limited to) ArcGIS Desktop - Pro, ArcGIS Workflow Manager - Desktop and Server, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS Data Interoperability, ArcGIS Data Reviewer, ArcGIS Monitor.
The solution was developed by Datacom NZ - Salesforce Partner, Eagle Technology Group Ltd (Esri NZ Distributor) for the MPI.

Development Team Biography

There has been a large team working on this project since 2018. Three key players on that team are:
Phillip Lubeck, Manager Spatial Intelligence, Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand
Phillip has worked with MPI for 12 years starting as a GIS Analyst. Previously with Midland GIS Solutions in Missouri. Phillip has earned a Masters Degree in Geographic Infomation Science from Northwest Missouri State University.
Peter Lough, Product Manager Forestry ETS Transformation Programme
Peter has been with MPI for 18 years in a variety of roles starting as a policy analyst. Peter completed his Honors of Public Policy Analysis from Victoria Univierity of Wellington, New Zealand.
Gustavo Russo, Senior Geospatial Analyst – Data & Information Business Technology and Information Services
Gustavo has been with MPI for 6 years. Previously he worked with Environment Canterbury on a water metering project; Here, Navteq, Gisplan Tecnologia Da Geoinforimacao, and Prefeitura Municipal de NiterĂ³