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National Parks Board

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Project Goal

Tree Registry System (TRS) - Enhance the Management of Urban Trees in Public Housing Estates

National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks) has developed a national registry system using ESRI suite of products for managing urban trees throughout Singapore. This system is used by agencies including Town Councils and Jurong Town Corporation to manage their respective tree populations in a consistent manner, and provides NParks, the greenery authority of Singapore a complete registry and information the urban tree population in Singapore. It also allows NParks to keep track of tree species of interest, such as storm-vulnerable trees in residential areas and suggest appropriate maintenance or replacement programs.

Together with the provision if training programs for tree care professionals, the system has enhanced the capacity of various stakeholders to care for their trees and improve public safety.
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Business Problem Solved

There are differences in the standards for managing trees among Town Councils (TCs), Government Agencies, and NParks. These differences raise concerns about the maintenance of urban trees for public safety, particularly for trees in close proximity to residential areas and public spaces. These concerns are especially pertinent in light of climate change and more extreme weather conditions.

To address these challenges, a national Tree Registry System was developed. The system has 22 tenants, comprising 17 Town Councils and 4 public agencies.

Technology Implemented

The success of TRS lies in the innovative use of mobile applications to proliferate tree management technologies. The system has been developed by leveraging ESRI’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (“COTS”) products and technologies. To gather geospatial data at the front end, ESRI FieldMaps applications are used. ESRI apps are readily accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. End-users or Arborists can easily download the app and begin utilizing the system with minimal learning required. This simplified onboarding process has facilitated the effective adoption of the system.

Esri ArcGIS suite of products used for implementation of TRS include:
• ArcGIS for Portal to host maps
• ArcGIS for Server is used to publish the map data
• ArcGIS Dashboards to show Statistics of the data by species, girth, height, etc
• ArcGIS Pro to configure Maps, perform ETL and data extraction
• ArcGIS Field Maps (Native app for Android and iOS) to manage the field operations

Development Team Biography

System Owner – National Parks Board, Singapore
ICT Consultant – Government Technology Agency of Singapore, Singapore
System Integrator – ESRI Singapore