2023 SAG Award Winners

S-GROUP Solutions AB

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Project Goal

S-GROUP Solutions has developed the business system “GEOSECMA VA” to bring a state-of-the-art solution to the Swedish Local Government Water and Sewage market. With an inspiring new look and user-friendly interface, GEOSECMA VA, has employed the latest ArcGIS Technology including Utility Network. This enables the Local Government sector to solve current and future challenges and to ensure that our most precious resource – drinking water – is uninterrupted. The solution has built-in, and continually updated, support for Swedish W/S regulations and offer tools for seamless workflows from documenting, editing, and analyzing pipe network to maintenance and renewal planning. This will help Swedish Water and Sewage organizations to create a digital twin and to efficiently handle climate changes and urbanization. It will facilitate fact-based decisions – right action in right place in right time – and to visualize and communicate common operational picture to decision-makers and citizens.
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Business Problem Solved

• Model the network based on functionality and scale it down to details within a building or manhole.
• Data storage, from basic network data to pipe inspections and maintenance data, in one geodatabase that ensure all users, from desktop/web/mobile, to access correct and current data in the system of records.
• Operation and maintenance in a coherent workflow from office to field - easy to get an overview of what has been done, what happens next and what to prioritize.
• Edit network in field – online and offline.
• Performs risk analyses based on several parameters that is connected to the network (material, age, operational disturbances etc.) according to Swedish authority recommendations – of individual pipes and the entire network.
• Identify the underlying reasons for the need for renewal, identify which areas and specific pipes that has a renewal need and create actions that can eliminate those.
• Proactive way of working - anticipate problems before they occur.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Enterprise
• ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Utility Networks
• ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
• ArcGIS Experience Builder
• ArcGIS Field Maps
• ArcGIS Workforce
• ArcGIS Dashboard
• ArcGIS StoryMaps
• ArcGIS Enterprise Sites
• ArcGIS for Developers (ArcGIS API for Javascript)
• ArcGIS API for Python
• ArcGIS Arcade expression language

Development Team Biography

• Robert Eriksson, Product Manager Water and Sewage
• Annica Lindmark, Business Area Specialist Water and Sewage
• Pethra Rosenlind, Business Area Specialist Water and Sewage
• Herman Olsson, Project Manager
• Marcus Johansson, System Developer
• Marcus Alvén, System Developer
• Patrik Sjökvist, System Developer
• Julius Dobravolskas, System Developer
• Kumar Gaurav, System Developer
• Ann Antonsson, UI/UX designer
• Per Skansfors, Test Engineer
• Richard Ljunggren, Test Engineer
• Sara Porle, Technical Writer