2023 SAG Award Winners

Butler County GIS

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Project Goal

Butler County, Kansas GIS set a goal to provide a county-wide GIS deployment through the utilization of ArcGIS. There was a need to provide applications that were cost effective, streamline workflows and improve efficiencies within each department. There also was a need to provide quick and easy accessibility to maps and data throughout the organization to eliminate data silos.
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Business Problem Solved

With Enterprise Sites, we are able to provide quick and easy access to all the maps, apps, dashboards and training materials needed in each department.

The Appraiser’s Office was one of our biggest users and by creating a live data connection to their data we were able to implement several applications that automatically update as data changes. One application is focused on sales and when used alongside the neighborhood application, they have immediate access to their data. This supports the property valuation process and provides a visual aid during the hearing process. Through the use of filters and symbolization, it has eliminated the need for multiple queries to be manually run to perform valuation analysis. The implementation of field applications provide an easy way to track progress in the field through the use of widgets. This data is also visible through internal dashboards for administrative staff.

Learn more about our county-wide deployment see our StoryMap at http

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Developer
ArcGIS Pro
Enterprise Sites
Hub Sites
ArcGIS Solutions
Web App Builder
Experience Builder

Development Team Biography

Pamela Dunham, GIS Director
Mark Schmidt, GIS Analyst