2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

Bechtel believes great infrastructure transforms communities. Worldwide, the demand for reliable, clean electricity at affordable prices is growing. Bechtel’s “minutes matter” philosophy drives us to leverage digital tools and integrate automations to effectively manage, execute, and deliver projects for our customers around the world.

Bechtel successfully adopted the ESRI ArcGIS platform to create a digital execution data hub used to execute a utility-scale solar power facility in Texas. The data hub allowed all team members, from across multiple functions, seamless access to data during the design, construction, and commissioning phases of the project. This, along with the near real time data collection/feedback from the field, machine control systems and drone scans; facilitated inter-disciplinary communication, daily process adjustments, and management reporting via the visualization of the project information on web maps and mobile tools.
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Business Problem Solved

Utility-scale solar projects can be challenging to execute due to their large-scale layout and compressed project schedules. Tracking a project’s daily progress in near real time is invaluable. Bechtel set out to develop an innovative 100% digital execution methodology that allowed for a safer, better, and faster approach to project management and delivery.

The ESRI ArcGIS platform is the main tool used for construction execution. It became the single source of truth by combining data such as the CAD design, schedule, As-builts, machine control feedback, mobile on-site data collection, and drones, into the main execution map interface accessible via web maps and field applications. Teams from multiple disciplines and functions used it to understand the design, on-site conditions, and track progress in near real time. Project management had access to visual representation, accurate data, and site condition information, allowing them to make intelligent daily data driven decisions.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Web maps/Apps
ArcGIS Story Maps
ArcGIS Field Maps
ArcGIS Server Manager
Image Analyst
Machine learning
Topographic Production toolbox

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