2023 SAG Award Winners

BGE, Inc. and BGE

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Project Goal

The Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) was tasked with determining the optimal route for a new major thoroughfare across Caldwell County, located in central Texas between Austin and San Antonio. The challenging question for CAMPO is: how does an organization evaluate all possible routes objectively in a satisfactory timeframe?
CAMPO partnered with BGE to analyze potential routes using a weighted matrix that involved a combination of public and field data, engineering expertise, and stakeholder collaboration. The previous process consisted of manual data management, siloed data sets, and complex exhibit figures. BGE’s solution automated the weighted matrix algorithm to deliver results in a fraction of the time. The complex process results were delivered in an interactive dashboard that allowed stakeholders to make quantitative decisions iteratively. The process was scaled to assist CAMPO in their prioritization efforts for 30+ capital improvement planning projects.
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Business Problem Solved

CAMPO’s initial project determined the optimal route for the major thoroughfare based on factors like public impact, right of way availability, stakeholder input, and environmental constraints. A weighted matrix is a standard approach to comparing potential routes. However, the process can be intensive, subjective, and mistake prone. By utilizing GIS processes, Python, and a collaborative effort, BGE developed an automated process to analyze the critical data for numerous potential routes. The stakeholders could quickly examine the routes to understand how the results were calculated and how the routes fared against all the alternatives. The process was scaled up to a six-county area accounting for 35 potential projects for CAMPO. The solution allowed CAMPO to efficiently make data-driven decisions, explain and geographically present the results to nine stakeholders representing the State of Texas and Caldwell County.

Technology Implemented

BGE developed the database schema and process for the data analysis. ArcGIS Pro was utilized to build the database, bring in public data sets, and analyze the matrix results. Python was used to automate the geoprocessing tools, model the data, and translate the weighted matrix from Excel. The results were published to ArcGIS Online to allow users to access the results via interactive web maps. BGE configured Dashboards and used Experience Builder to design a rich, use-friendly experience incorporating CAMPO’s image for a familiar, consistent application.

Development Team Biography

Jeremy Gaskins is the Director of Technology Solutions at BGE. The Technology Solutions team focuses on solving business problems using technology tools like the Esri and Microsoft toolkit. Jeremy has extensive experience with application development and leads the team in delivering innovative tools to streamline workflows.
Aileen Brom is BGE’s Technology Solutions Creative Lead. She has a background in GIS, environmental science, design, and communications. In Technology Solutions, she specializes in user experience for GIS apps, develops creative strategies, and focuses on creating clean and modern products.
Eric Busker, Director in BGE’s Transportation Systems team, provides extensive experience managing the preliminary engineering process for transportation projects. He leads design teams to develop quality schematics seamlessly transitioned to PS&E and coordinates environmental teams to gain environmental clearance while mitigating impacts resulting in the preferred alternative.