2023 SAG Award Winners

Man-Made River Authority

Project Goal

This project aims to digitize the Manmade River data and facilitate the access of information to decision makers in senior management, and it can be summarized in the following points:
Collecting and merging spatial information (maps and satellite images) and descriptive information (tables, reports, and specifications) into a single interactive database.
Creating a direct link between all sites and users of the Man-made River Project without the need for any additional equipment.
Follow-up work on all sites, water transmission lines and all components of the Man-made River Project.
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Business Problem Solved

The real problem that faced the Man-Made River Project is that it is a project located on a large geographical area and has many sites and wells throughout the state of Libya and has water transmission lines with a total length of 4000 kilometers.
Therefore, the challenge for us was how to communicate the important technical information to the decision-makers in order to make the appropriate decision at the right time, and this problem was solved by using ArcGIS Pro and its applications in order to create an information board that facilitates the decision-maker to make his decisions.

Technology Implemented

ArcGis pro, dashboard, and Esri application on the phone been use in this project.

Development Team Biography

Faiz Oribe - project manager
Mohammed Alsaeiti - Team member
Nabil Elmesmari - Team member
Asmaa Mohammed- Team member
Saleh Elsenussi - Team member
Emaduldin Khayrullah - Team member