2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

In the past years Ørsted has grown to a global organization with activities in US, Asia Pacific, and most of Europe. The focus has expanded from fixed bottom Offshore Wind, to include floating offshore Wind, solar, Onshore Wind, P2X, storage and more.
To support the growing business Ørsted needed a GIS platform, where a limited number of GIS administrators can support the growing number of GIS users, working globally with a growing number of projects, growing in complexity.

The business required a self-service solution for creators, field workers, editors and viewers, a solution that 24/7 is available, could be update several times an hour, enabling users to conduct QA of data and make corrections in the data. Another important goal with the future GIS platform was to enable the creators to self-serve 95 % of daily work. And enable the creators to self-serve 100% of the editor’s work.
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Business Problem Solved

The Ørsted GIS Global Platform, launched in 2022, replaced an older enterprise setup with on-prem VDI’s, with four enterprise environments running in Azure region WE, including data storage and VDI’s.

The GIS Global Platform enables the business GIS specialists, getting geodata from design to production very fast. And defining department and project specific QA procedures instead of rigid centrally defined QA processes.

The platform enables creators, field workers and editors to be as agile as required. Management of the platform is supported by scripts that replicates data and services between environments several times an hour 24/7, user permissions are synchronized with AD groups and integrity between environments is monitored.

The architecture of the platform provides the technical foundation for business GIS to continue the change management journey to decouple the project growth from organizational growth.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS enterprise
• ArcGIS server
• ArcGIS Enterprises databases
• ArcGIS pro
• ArcGIS field maps
• Quick capture,
• ArcGIS Image server
• ArcGIS Geoevent server
• ArcGIS earth
• ArcGIS Online

Development Team Biography

The main involved Ørsted employees:
• Marta Zemlik, GIS platform Specialist
• Siti Rohana Tazura Ali, GIS platform Specialist
• Carsten Anders Böcker, GIS platform Specialist
• Chowdhary Venkata Satyanarayan, GIS platform Specialist
• Michal Januszko, GIS platform Specialist
• Martin Kyhn, GIS architect
• Jill Elizabeth Slater, Business GIS specialist
• Ioana-Stefania Muresan, Business GIS specialist
• Sinead Kelly, Business GIS specialist
• Patricia Carla Corre Teixeira, Business GIS specialist
• Mallorie Jewell, Business GIS specialist
• Christian Kjærup-Heide, GIS product Owner