2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

Cadasta Foundation works to provide the tools, technology, and technical expertise to individuals and communities lacking formal rights to the land they live and work on. These communities and individuals make up a majority of the world's population. Since our founding in 2015, we have worked with 100 partners in 36 countries across 1,500 communities to document the rights of over five million people.
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Business Problem Solved

In advanced countries we often take infrastructure such as an up-to-date and accurate land registry and cadastre for granted. Unfortunately, digital land registry and cadastral systems with national coverage exist in only a fraction of the world’s countries, with the World Bank estimating that more than 70% of land in emerging economies is undocumented. The data gap in regards to detailed registry and cadastral data, combined with the scarcity of land professionals, antiquated policies and procedures ensures that it would take centuries to document claims using existing approaches.

At a local level, land use and rights are often well understood and participatory mapping methods are used. These local approaches are not standards-based, variable, and ultimately disparate. Cadasta provides the technical tools and training to ensure that local data meets requirements, and where permissible, can be used for formal recognition of rights by governments.

Technology Implemented

Survey 123, Collector, Field Maps, Hub Sites, StoryMaps, Experience Builder, Drone 2 Map, AGOL, Enterprise, Pro

Development Team Biography

Katie Pickett is a geospatial and international land rights expert with over a decade of experience. Katie is a Program Manager at Cadasta Foundation and was recognized this year as one of Geospatial World’s 50 Rising Stars.

JP Soliz Molina is a software engineer, registry, and land administration specialist with twenty-three years of experience in Land Administration Projects. He is a proven team development leader with considerable experience in managing and administering IT components, GIS (ESRI solutions) and software development tools.

Sunil Ghimire is a GIS Specialist with over 6 years of experience with a focus on spatial analysis and database management. Sunil has been involved with GIS consulting in a variety of sectors, including forestry, wildlife management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), disaster management, solid waste management, oil and gas, and demographics.