2021 SAG Award Winners

National Council for Scientific Research- Remote Sensing Center

Project Goal

Forest fire is one of the major phenomena causing degradation of the environment, landscape, natural ecosystems, human health, and economy. Fires are considered a huge threat to Lebanon's already vulnerable forests. More than 35% of the initial forest cover has deteriorated during the last few decades leading to a forest cover reduction of 22% in 50 years only. Controlling fires is difficult but it is more feasible to manage them. We have developed a new dynamic integrated procedure; pre-, during, & post fires, for forest fires using ESRI GIS tools.
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Business Problem Solved

Our approach utilizes geospatial technologies to minimize the frequency of fire occurrences and damages caused by fire. it helps firefighters to highlight areas that might be facing a high probability of fire danger, and help decision-makers to identify the high frequency of fire breaks for their intervene, as well as helping scientists to allocate forest fires areas and specs to gather relevant statistics for their studies and modeling all of these through GIS Esri products

Technology Implemented

As post Events, a Forest Fire Index Risk Index map was established using ArcGIS modeling (Model Builder) based on static data extracted from base maps, satellite images, and a database covering almost two decades (2003-2020) of different forest fires events. Moreover, Python scripting was configured in Arc toolbox to tabulate data received from satellite images (Fire weather Index) and FFRI for establishing fire danger map. The latter is daily published as a feature service on the CNRS GIS portal & transformed in its turn through a mobile App into a notification that reaches each municipality to be alerted of the fire danger status in the vicinity of the village. All fire locations and information gathered by the ArcGIS collector (Survey 123) along with the 3 Day fire danger forecast are displayed on the ArcGIS “FIRE” Dashboard. Through this dashboard, one can navigate to see the number and type of each fire per village or district, or governorate along with the date & day.

Development Team Biography

Dr. Chadi Abdallah; Director of Researcher and Geologist holding a Ph.D. in GIS and RS of natural resources. Responsible for the Early Warning System platform, Chair of the Arab Science and Technology Advisory Group (Arab-STAG) for Disaster Risk Reduction of the UNDRR.
Eng. Samah Termos: Research Assistant, GIS specialist, python scripting and modeling
Eng. Hussein Khatib: Research Assistant Spatial, data modeling, survey analyst, and dashboard
Eng. Mahdi Maatouk: Research Assistant working on remote sensing & networking projects, GIS & web applications, research & development activities