2021 SAG Award Winners

SWCorp Malaysia

Project Goal

The goal of WEGIS is to increase the effectiveness of government financial monitoring and management through online sustainable and interactive solid waste management monitoring. The criteria are based on this item:
a.Identify the formats and data sources that will be used in the development of GIS databases.
b.Provide guidelines for the preparation of digital documents for the submission of GIS data layers by concessionaires.
c.Assist in drafting new work SOPs with web GIS that need to be adhered to ensure successful system implementation.
The acronim for WEGIS is Waste Executive Geographical Information System and uses web as a platform. It uses internet information service (Internet Information Service) to allow users to access the system developed through their computers. The completed WEGIS is developed using ArcGIS Server software in a web server connected to a GIS database server (GIS Server).
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Business Problem Solved

SWCorp is in the process of improving the effectiveness of financial management through a high level of data access, interactive and user friendly through spatial data by improving and maintaining the functionality of existing systems
The outcome impact for this initiative project are:
1.Monitoring on money / fund allocation for the payment to the Concession can be view
2.Improvement of asset information that has been GIS for the purpose of inventory records for the purpose of claim verification. The accuracy of the information is getting higher
3.Provision of a centralized database
4. Identifying the claim area with the exact amount based on the assets registered for maintenance purposes and can be clearly displayed based on geographical reference along with relevant information.
5. Users can view dashboard access by using online web base based on current data.
6. Information sharing to public users for recycling information

Technology Implemented

- Centralized database
- Expand user multi department.
- Create map service / Map sharing
- Editing online (spatial / non spatial
- Web Application / Dashboard in Arcgis Porta;
- Collaboration using arcgis portal.
- Integration with inhouse system

Development Team Biography

Top Management SWCorp
1.Tn Hj Ismail Bin Mokhtar - Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif
2.Timbalan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (Pengurusan)
Techical Team
1.Tn Ir Zulkifli Bin Tamby Chik - Timbalan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif (Teknikal)
2.En Shahrizal Bin Samat
3.Tn Zaidi Bin Tuah
4.Pn Juliza Binti Othman
5.Pn Siti Raudhah Binti Mohd Sharfuddin
6.Pn Siti Maria Ulfah Binti Abd Salam
7.En Abdul Nazib Bin Halid
8.En Azry Bin Osman
SWCorp ICT Team
1.Pn Aida Suziliana Binti Salim
2.Hanizon Binti Mat Saat
3.Pn Wardah Atirah Binti Maharudin
4.Tn Syed Zulkarnain Bin Syed Azaha
5.Pn Badariyah Binti Bakhtiar
6.Pn Dian Farhana Binti Kamalruzaman
7.Pn Wan Nor Azmira Binti Mazlan
8. En Muhammad Firdaus Bin Md Fadzil
9. En. Hamizzi Bin Hasan
10. En Ali Imran Bin Md Yunos
11. Pn Risalyna Binti Idris
12. Pn. Ommil Husnah Binti Abd Hamid