2021 SAG Award Winners

Urban Renewal Authority

Project Goal

Urban Renewal Authority (URA) in HK aims to improve the standard of built environment and housing mainly through restructuring and replanning of land use as well as building rehabilitation. Our data collection and analysis capacity is crucial to achieve the purpose.
The goal of developing the Urban Renewal Information System (URIS) is to create a centralized platform for data storage and exchange across divisions within URA, and a portal for collection of external data to support our district-based and people-centric urban renewal approach. URIS enables URA to perform spatial analytics, data mining and 3D visualization of the mining results which facilitates our holistic planning studies, urban renewal project identification, social impact assessment, project acquisition and clearance, as well as smart governance. Ultimately, URIS links up both technical and demographic data with our initiatives to maximize the impact of urban renewal for the benefit the people in the community.
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Business Problem Solved

Facing a high density mix of old and new buildings in HK’s built environment and a large number of old and dilapidated buildings left unattended, URA needs to be equipped with the capacity to make swift and accurate decision to tackle the urban decay problem.
URIS contains over 100 2D/3D datasets and various task-specific applications. It supports us to make fast and precise decisions that are driven by data and guided by a holistic understanding of the built environment. For redevelopment, it enables the creation of digital twins of the built environment to support planning study and strategy formulation. It helps us to quickly estimate the compensation for households in a project to streamline the acquisition process. It also helps us to identify households requiring special support so that we can take proactive and tailor-made actions to address their needs. For rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Index instantly identifies ageing buildings in poor conditions most in need of repair.

Technology Implemented

URIS is built on the ArcGIS product family including ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Survey123, Collector and Operational Dashboard. We used ArcGIS Enterprise Portal to build the portal of URIS. We used ArcGIS Online, Survey 123 and Collector for on-site data collection. We used Operational Dashboard for data visualisation and analysis and ArcGIS Pro for data preparation.

Development Team Biography

The project team of URIS is comprised of a team of URA colleagues from various divisions, who are self-motivated to form different cross-divisional working groups and contribute their own technical expertise/skills for the development of URIS. In collaboration with Esri China (HK), the project team has developed different 2D and 3D applications to improve the operational efficiency as well as to facilitate smart governance in the urban renewal process.