2021 SAG Award Winners

Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

Project Goal

Enhancing the Jordanian Education Sector by Encouraging the increase of ICT use for learning purposes, such as curricula computerization and e-learning through the use of a high speed broadband network.

Enhancing the Jordanian Socio-Economic System by
•Supporting local communities’ development through providing access to internet and applications.
•Supporting the foundation of new services Kingdom wide through ICT use.
•Supporting the creation and development of a Secured Government Network through connectivity to a high speed broadband network, hence enabling better Governmental services to public.
Enhancing the Jordanian Healthcare Sector by Connecting hospitals and healthcare centers for automating healthcare, to upgrade the healthcare system efficiency.

Enhancing Governmental Services via E-Government
•Integration of Governmental systems through connectivity to a unified network.
•Providing Governmental services to public and investors, through connectivity to a unifi
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Business Problem Solved

Infrastructure development in the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom

Technology Implemented

ARC GIS enterprise
ARC GIS desktop

Development Team Biography

Fida'a Al Kfaween
Madeline shehadeh
Amani AL Manaseer