2021 SAG Award Winners

National Hydrographic Centre

Project Goal

The overall objective of the project, MyMarine Geo-Hub is to improve utilization of marine spatial information in spatial planning and management in Malaysia. At the same time, the project was designed to improve the access to marine spatial information and thus possibilities for inter-agency cooperation and public participation in data sharing and other spatial planning and management processes. More efficient data sharing will create savings by reducing duplication of work by various agencies. In particular, accurate coastal and marine data are crucial for the safety of navigation, which is imperative for a maritime nation like Malaysia.

In general, MyMarine Geo-Hub is part of the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) initiative developed by National Hydrographic Center (NHC) to support the Malaysia Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI). Under this project, NHC has the capability to provide services and products that can be used by both defence and public sectors.
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Business Problem Solved

a. Capability to publish S-57 or even encrypted S-63 as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) map services.

b. Provides automation, tools, and workflows to help maritime and hydrographic organizations establish a spatial infrastructure in making the best-informed decisions it can also be integrated seamlessly into existing systems as a chart base layer with other data layers added.

c. The ENC that is commonly used on board ships can be viewed through this service by using a web browser without the need to have an electronic chart display information system. ENC can be used as background data for the user to enhance the user’s analysis, planning and managing on the area of interest.

Technology Implemented

a. ArcGIS Enterprise
b. ArcGIS for Maritime Server
c. ArcGIS Pro
d. ArcGIS for Maritime Charting
e. ArcGIS for Maritime Bathymetry
f. ArcGIS Apps – ArcGIS Survey123, ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Dashboard, ArcGIS StoryMap, ArcGIS WebApp Builder

Development Team Biography

a. Captain Lukman Hanafiah bin Azamar Omar RMN - Director of Geospatial.

b. Commander Kamaruddin bin Yusoff RMN - Commanding Officer of KD PERANTAU.

c. Lieutenant Commander Razimi bin Mohd Damri RMN - Head of Department Marine Geospatial.

d. Lieutenant Commander Mohd Suffian bin Othman RMN – Staff Officer Geospatial Management.

e. Lieutenant Commander Ikmal Fahma bin Mat Dani RMN - Staff Officer Defence Research.

f. Lieutenant Commander Idzwan Naim bin Mohd Norwawi RMN - Staff Officer Defence Geospatial.

g. Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Gazali bin Yusof RMN – Staff Officer Quality Control Data.

h. Lieutenant Muhammad Khalis bin Ismail RMN - Staff Officer Geospatial Service.

i. Lieutenant Khairul Anwar bin Khalid RMN - Deputy Staff Officer Quality Control Data.

j. Lieutenant Hartatie Astatie binti Toha RMNVR – Deputy Staff Officer Geospatial Database Management.