2021 SAG Award Winners

Riga Technical University

Project Goal

The main of the project is to create a GIS system that is able to manage geospatial data for properties transferred to the use of Riga Tehnical University. Both outdoor and indoor are covered. The project is being developed by Geomatics students in collaboration with professors and ESRI representatives in Latvia, who provide technical support. During the development of the project, students learn data collection, data collection, data analysis and data publishing on various platforms. The project includes the representation of 2D and 3D data for surface and underground topographic elements, and the 3D representation of indoor areas using BIM and sensor data.
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Business Problem Solved

During the project, the management of geospatial data in small areas has been developed by developing data collection and updating tools. The project integrates data with other databases and open data sets. Data transfer from 3D laser scanner, drone, sensor technologies to GIS environment has been developed. The end result is a tool that can help you find problematic asset management points.

Technology Implemented

ARCGIS PRO with 3D analyst, spatial analyst extensions
ArcGIS CityEngine
ArcGIS Urban
Story maps,
Experience builder,
ArcGIS for JavaScript
All these technologies was used for developing procedures for capturing to analyze

Development Team Biography

Project team leaders are Maris Kalinka, asoc. professor in Riga Technical university , Department of Geomatics with more than 20 years experience to work and use ESRI platforms, CAD platforms, BIM platforms and data capture technologies - 3D laserscanners, UAV, satelite images, real-time sensors. Team group included students form bachelor,master and doctoral students from Geomatics, IT , Economical sites - as Ieva Ju rkevica, Alise Lapina, Viktorija Vaivode and others