2021 SAG Award Winners

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Project Goal

Our goal was to build a site where we could present administrative, tactical, investigative, and intelligence focused dashboards and mapping applications to all of our officers in real-time. We also added a page for COVID information and were able to imbed relevant data from other users there for our officers to refer to as well. From this page we are now able to convey near-real time intelligence to all officers at once and focus our efforts on problem solving.

Business Problem Solved

Law enforcement can be data rich, but the data is not always set up in a way to help inform day to day decision making with ease. Through the use of dashboards we were able to set up and visualize the data in a way that our users can find the information they are looking for quickly and make informed decisions in their daily operations. After this success we then thought creatively about what other problems we could solve within ArcGIS Enterprise Portal.
We then leveraged web apps to aid in searching some intelligence databases by area and keyword, a tool that has already paid dividends.
We are also using dashboards to aid in deploying officers to hot spots and in determining whether fidelity to those areas has been kept in near-real time. This was a formerly cumbersome process that was impossible to maintain, now it can be accomplished by anyone, and in seconds.
We also have begun using Story Maps to convey long term intelligence information department-wide.

Technology Implemented

ArcGis Pro
ArcGis Enterprise Portal
Web Apps

Development Team Biography

Emily Blackburn, CLEA, Crime Analysis Unit Supervisor
Lindsay Maier, CLEA, Crime and Intelligence Analyst
Mary Schlepp, Systems Development Specialist
Ted Dietz, Programmer Analyst II
Carl Gorham, Information Security Administrator