2021 SAG Award Winners

Gemeente Hilversum

Project Goal

Work on a healthy, safe, climatproof environment for and with the citizens of the municipality of Hilversum.
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Business Problem Solved

Stimulating Citizens participation by creating a single point of entrance for open data/mapping/ storytelling of data-related topics for the community. The so called Open Hilversum portal is based on community data and data initiatives from citizens.
How can we guaranty a safe public space in times of the COVID pandemic? Crowd management in the public space. A dashboard shows real time crowd density in the different parts of the shopping area.
3D visualization of the city to support scenario thinking in city development
Traffic speed reduction to increase the safety in residential areas. Measure the effects of different interventions to lower the traffic speed by smart camera techniques in combination with real time dashboarding.
Increasing Air quality. Measuring the air quality with a combination of citizen science and "professional" sensoring. The combination of data is validated and represented in a dashboard.

Technology Implemented

In the past year several use cases have been deployed using different element of the ArcGIS platform. In one the most important use cases - the ‘Covid crowd monitor’ - we use the ArcGIS premium hub: arcgis python api for data integration is used to read a service from a third party on presence of people in the inner city. Subsequently this data is presented in a data driven Arcgis hub site using experience builder, dashboards and an interactive map.

Development Team Biography

Gaston Crolla Program manager
Marinda Gaillard Project manager
Vybeke Pieters Information Analist
Rene Pauw City advisor
Gerard Marsman Datahouse teamlead
Baptiste Dullaart 3D