2021 SAG Award Winners

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and South Carolina Natural Heritage Program

Project Goal

The SC Natural Heritage Program manages the state's database of rare, threatened and endangered species, but had minimal online presence which made it difficult for stakeholders to find and access the data they need to conduct research/conservation-related activities. The program redesigned it's online data presence, creating pages/dashboards for the general public, as well as tools and applications designed to streamline the data review process for locating species of concern found within project areas.
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Business Problem Solved

By streamlining the data process using ArcGIS Enterprise apps/tools, the program improved the following problems:
- Data Governance: The program now has much more manageable workflows for protecting sensitive species data and providing appropriate levels of sharing to those who need it
- Data centralization: the program now has much more immediate access to a wide range of species datasets from across the agency and can incorporate those data together, saving time in data entry/reviewing projects.
- Standardized workflows: the program now recieves review requests in a standard digital format, can track users/project types and identify projects with higher impacts for additional comment if needed. This has allowed us to quadruple our total review request output from the year prior to implementation!

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, Dashboards, Survey123, Web App Builder/Experience Builder, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Portal/Server

Development Team Biography

Joe Lemeris is a GIS/Data Manager for the SC Natural Heritage Program. Joe oversees the state's rare, threatened and endangered species database and Heritage Program ArcGIS Enterprise environment. Joe also assists biologists with field survey design and implementation, and conducting analyses pertaining to rare species.