2021 SAG Award Winners

Infrabel ICT

Project Goal

The InfraGIS application allows the user to graphically view the entire Infrabel railway network and all the elements that make up its infrastructure.
The representations can be geographic (map like “Google Map”), schematic (as a “metro plan”) or photographic (“RailView”, the "StreetView" functionality of the Belgian railway network) and are synchronized with each other during the navigation.
Various search functions allow the user to find an element, to view its position on the network and to display its main technical characteristics.
A function will also allow the user (technician or emergency service for example) to be routed on the road network and on the area managed by Infrabel, both on online (with 3/4/5G) and offline mode (if lack of connection).
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Business Problem Solved

A great deal of information related to the rail infrastructure managed by Infrabel is stored in specific applications or in plans not directly linked to each other.
It is therefore often difficult for a user to easily find necessary information, for example for a maintenance or infrastructure renewal project, whether in the office or in the field.
Thanks to this InfraGIS application, access to this data is much easier / intuitive and allows the user to ensure that he will always have the latest and most up-to-date information.

Technology Implemented

To build this InfraGIS application, we mainly used:
- ArcGIS Enterprise technologies (ArcGIS Enterprise Portal and ArcGIS Server),
- ESRI's JavaScript API for the web development,
- as well as the Runtime environment for specific developments for mobile applications.

Development Team Biography

The InfraGIS application is developed and maintained by the "Geo Services and Solutions" office which is part of the Infrabel IT department.
The team is made up of Project Managers, Functional Analysts, Architects, Testers and Developers.