2021 SAG Award Winners

Office of Military Geography and Hydrometeorology

Project Goal

At the beginning of March 2020 the Czech Republic was affected by the epidemic of the COVID-19 viral disease. To eliminate the spread of the virus the Government of the Czech Republic established The Central Management Team COVID-19 and started the project of Smart Quarantine. Members of the Office of Military Geography and Hydrometeorology were involved in this project to build the Map Portal of the Central Management Team COVID-19 (hereinafter referred to as the “the Map Portal”). It served to ensure the processing of information according to the set information flow into the general overview of the virus infection situation. Thanks to this portal, it was possible to obtain a comprehensive overview of the situation, perform data analyses and predict the development of the spread of the disease over the Czech Republic.
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Business Problem Solved

The Map Portal facilitated the coordination of all components involved in the Smart Quarantine project. It was a suitable tool for this task thanks to the possibilities of data visualization and analysis, the possibility of creating your own applications and controlled access to the content. Data from various sources were published on the Map Portal: static information, dynamic information about viral infection published by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (IHIS CR) and information about situation linked with viral infection around the world. All the data were aggregated in the application named Common Operational Picture. Due to the need to display historical data about ongoing infection, a dashboard Historical Data IHIS was created.

Technology Implemented

Core Esri technology used for the Smart Quarantine support was The ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.7.1. The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS was used for creating Common Operational Picture application. The dashboard Historical Data IHIS was built by the use of SW tool the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. To daily update of IHIS data the REST API scripts were used.

Development Team Biography

LTC Tomas Diblik – Director of Department of Geographic Support
MAJ Petr Jilek – Chief of Section of Geographic Support
MAJ David Haba – Department of Database Management
CPT Marie Brenova – Section of Geographic Support
1LT Eva Mertova – Section of Geographic Support
Jiri Holasek – Section of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
and other members of the Office of Military Geography and Hydrometeorology