2021 SAG Award Winners

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company

Project Goal

Following the company’s vision to transform, have a smart field operation environment, and quit the paper-based world, all maintenance and operation inspections are relying on ArcGIS platform by utilizing amazing functions of ArcGIS Survey123 app and ArcGIS Survey123 Website. This transformation enhances the quality of inspection work to ensure the safety of MEDC network which ultimately ensure the reliability and sustainability of the power and customer’s satisfaction.
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Business Problem Solved

Challenges faced by Field Engineers:

*Before inspecting DSS: organizing , knowing DSS Location , navigating, and preparing a lot of papers.

*During inspecting DSS: time consuming, carrying papers and camera, duplicate visiting, data accuracy, and inspecting few DSS daily.

*After inspecting DSS: losing papers/photos, data accuracy, Importing data to Excel, exporting/organizing photos, and lake of tracking the achievements.

Challenges faced by

Data Availability, Data Accuracy, Data Analyzing, Making decisions, Planning for PM, Planning for CM, Money Expenses, Managing Field Engineers, and Preparing maintenance strategy.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Enterprise
- ArcGIS Survey123
- ArcGIS Dashboards
- ArcGIS Explorer
- ArcGIS Field Maps

Development Team Biography

- Hussam Al Jabri, Sr. GIS Analyst.
- Malika Al Amri, Head of GIS.
- Majid Al Abrawi, Sr. GIS Analyst.
- Ibrahim Al Mawali, GIS Analyst