2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

From year 2007, Intendance of Maldonado has developed and implemented a Corporative Gis, that has evolved altogether with the tools of Esri. We have developed to applications Web, different specific projects of thematic that have resulted in the improvement of the management and improved the response times in proceedings on line. We consolidated like a Direction of work that was connecting different areas united by the tool of gis, carrying out therefore a roll of articulador between the information of the different directions.
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Business Problem Solved

We managed to develop you transact automated 100%, that,, when being demanded to give answer in the days of pandemic of nonactual way, it obtained that they improved the times well-known. We allowed to visualize information via Internet that before was very difficult to obtain.

Technology Implemented

Arcgis OnLine; ArcgisPro; Survey123; FieldMap; Dashboard; StoryMaps

Development Team Biography

Mrs.Claudia García da Rosa (System Analist, Program Manager, Analist Gis)
Mr.Mauricio Nuñez (System Analist , Analist Gis, development)
Mrs.Cecilia Mena (Arquitect Asist., operator)