2021 SAG Award Winners

Michigan State University Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities Department and Michigan State University Information Technology Department

Project Goal

In 2016, IPF’s annual strategic planning process identified three opportunities to operationalize strategy by using technology to drive sustainable disruption in operations through digital transformation:
1.Provide employees with unprecedented access to information integral to daily decision-making.
2.Deploy mobile platforms, applications, and an interconnected environment to advance service excellence.
3.Create a more robust knowledge management system to modernize business processes.
By leveraging over two decades of GIS and facility asset information, IPF was strongly positioned to deploy ESRI and other mobile platforms to help our teams better plan, execute, and maintain MSU’s critical infrastructure. This mobile capable workforce can begin to capture their unique institutional knowledge into our GIS and mobile systems enabling retention of knowledge for future workforce generations and advance cooperation and collaboration on work tasks unique to each specific crew.
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Business Problem Solved

Business leaders increasingly found inefficiencies with workforce coordination, communication, and collaboration. There is a lot of waste-in-process built into these inefficiencies and our approach focused on leveraging Apple mobile devices as a platform to enable our workforce to make better informed daily decisions. We needed to create an information ecosystem on the backend with our asset management that leveraged ESRI’s mobile applications in a seamless user interface to ensure technology adoption by our workforce and help everyone achieve higher success. When properly planned, the results can increase shared learning and generate new ideas to turn “one-off” improvements into repeatable patterns. Technology, when implemented with evidence-based approaches will advance culture, improve customer results, and foster innovation. We have proof.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal, Server), ArcGIS Collector, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Indoors, ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcMap, ArcPro, ArcGIS Field Maps, Web App Builder, ArcGIS Storymaps

Development Team Biography

MSU IT- Analytics and Data Solutions
Stephanie Dombroski - Assistant Director Business Intelligence and Spatial Data Management
Jade Freeman – Spatial Data Management Team Lead
Nicholas Voss – Senior GIS Analyst
Joel Lenz – Senior GIS Developer
Scott Holland – GIS Analyst

Facilities Management Systems
Nathan Moore – Manager of Facilities Management Systems
Beth Reilly - IWMS Architect
Cena Antes - IWMS Architect

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
Facilities Information Systems
Lorena Griffin - Facilities Information Services Manager
Scott Friend - Space Management Coordinator
Kendra Schroeder - Document Management Administrator
Shantell Adams - Facility Asset Information Coordinator
Macy Shroyer - Facility Asset Information Coordinator
Sue Alchin - Asset Mapping Coordinator
Qingwei Li - Asset Mapping Coordinator
Benjamin Camp - Facility Asset Information Coordinator

Planning Design and Construction
Jeff West – Mapping Coordinator

Landscape Services