2021 SAG Award Winners

USACE Modeling & Analysis Team and USACE UCOP Team

Project Goal

To display and visualize COVID-19 impacts to USACE personnel and projects throughout the continental US. Determine emerging trends and recurrences of COVID-19 that could also impact future operations.

Business Problem Solved

Visualize/conceptualize large datasets (spreadsheets and bar charts) depicting the spread of COVID-19 and impacts to our projects and personnel. Enabled organizational access to multiple datasets using web scraping technology and provided information “at-a-glance” to senior leaders.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Portal, ESRI Dashboards, InSights

Development Team Biography

Wilson Miller - Program Manager
Greg Dreaper - Technical Manager
Beth Adams - Project Manager
Garo Ayanian - Project Manager
Michelle Schultz - Project Manager
Rick Vera - Project Manager
Jennifer Holland - GIS Professional
Doug Hessler - GIS Professional
Jason Jordan - GIS Professional
Jennifer Macpherson - GIS Professional
Dan McBride - GIS Professional
Joe Trimboli - GIS Professional
Julie Vicars - GIS Professional