2021 SAG Award Winners

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Project Goal

Integrating the use of GIS technology to better manage transit assets and streamline work processes across various departments. Using geo-spatial data with intelligence-driven management to provide cost-effective solutions for the public transit services.
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Business Problem Solved

1. Using GIS, particularly with Linear Referencing System and some of the latest techniques in AI and machine learning, to create a uniform system and efficiencies saving both time and resources allowing the engineers and maintenance workers to more easily locate assets in the field.
2. Incorporating GIS into real-time monitoring systems in bus, rail and paratransit and police operations centers, tracking the movement and location of the region’s buses, trains and paratransit vehicles. This real-time data helps provide important information when incidents occur.
3. Improving the customer experience by public facing applications that provide riders with real time information at each station, showing train information, location and arrival estimates so that customers can plan their trips, as well as StationView, a new mobile navigation application helps riders navigate connections between various lines within the station, entrances and assisting those with accessibility needs.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Server
GeoEvent Server
ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Pro
Business Analyst
Network Analyst

Development Team Biography

Minhua Wang: GIS Manager
Dahae Hwang: GIS Architect
Yanfen Le, GIS Administrator
Voliya Arakkal, GIS Analyst
Shaning Yu: GIS Developer
Sanghong Yoo: GIS Data Coordinator
Heming Zhu: GIS Developer
Santhosh Tumkur Renu: GIS Developer
Adam Black: GIS Technician