2021 SAG Award Winners

North East Water

Project Goal

To provide a contemporary and functionality rich GIS solution that meets the needs of North East Water both onsite and in the field resulting in timely responses and inclusive decisions.
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Business Problem Solved

North East Water has implemented a predominantly out-of-the-box, reliable, effective, efficient and agile Geographic Information System, which best meets North East Water’s current and future business requirements of staff and customers.

The system has been integrated with the North East Water Asset Management and has improved field service productivity by enabling real time access to Geospatial data from a variety of platforms to present data spatially and enable improved “decision making” and customer service.

We have the ability to perform network tracing to support the reporting of Essential Services Commission metrics, and import authoritative data (e.g. Land Victoria cadastral data, As Constructed Drawings, Aerial Images).

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1
ArcGIS Pro Desktop
ArcGIS GIS Server
ArcGIS Image Server
ArcGIS Utility Network

Development Team Biography

John Day – Project Sponsor and Steering Committee Member
Tim Cover – Project Manager
Stephen Scott - Business Analyst
Trent Newton – Business Owner
Craig Lindley – Consulting Adviser
Joshua Alderton – GIS Technical Specialist
Anthony Hernan – Steering committee Member
Tanya Finnen – Key Stakeholder
Paul Drummond – GIS Coordinator – GIS Subject Matter Expert
Erin Wimhurst – GIS Subject Matter Expert
Sandy Manager - GIS Subject Matter Expert

Scott Downie – ESRI Australia Project Manager
Vish Apte – ESRI Australia Lead Senior Consultant
Vicky Wang - ESRI Australia Senior Consultant